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Fordham's Flame March 2022


To imagine, we have managed to get through a tough couple of years with many restrictions & challenges crossing our paths. Just over a week ago you could feel the excitement and anticipation at the thought of stepping back into some kind of near 'normal' , and now we are watching our European neighbours in Ukraine being battered mindlessly by some power crazed mad man, with no regard for human life.

At Fordhams we feel we can't sit around and do nothing, so while we carry on creating candles, diffusers, hand soaps and body lotions we will be donating 10% of every sale to The Ukraine appeal.

We have Mothers Day coming up, so dig deep and spoil all the 'Mums' in your family, which in turn will help all the Mums and their families in Ukraine. We have many scents to choose from, if you can't decide then send her one of our 'e gift cards'.

We have some new products - Hand soap & Hand & Body lotion in one of our favourite scents - Lemongrass & Ginger, available mid March.

We also have some beautiful silver dimple candle jars which we are filling with Sandalwood & Vanilla, they are so pretty and make great gifts, or simply a great addition to your home decor.

Our 3 wick candles are proving very popular in the Clean Cotton scent as are our glass heart shaped candles filled with Cassis & Fig. Of course All our scents are available in our standard frosted 20cl recyclable jars.

Its a huge THANK YOU from us for supporting our small business, we really appreciate it, without you as customers and scent testers where would we be?

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